SVE en Rumanía “Digital Intelligence”

Fecha de inicio: 5 de enero 2018

Duración: 10 meses

Place: Arad, Rumanía

Organización de acogida: Asociatia pentru Formare Educatie si Cultura Arad,

 Organización de envío: Asociación Jóvenes Solidarios,


Descripción del proyecto:

Digital Intelligence Project is proposed by 5 organisations accredited to develop learning  mobility project in the framework of European Voluntary Service,  organisation from Romania, Spain, FYROM, Italy and Turkey.

AFEC Arad has obtained EVS accreditation and is strongly motivated to implement this educational project, in which 4 European volunteers are hosted for 10 months in Arad to live a relevant learning experience for their personal and professional development.

The mobility stages will take place in Arad, city and the main topic is safety on Internet. We’ll realize educational activities in order to promote a safer and a more useful use of Internet.

Our project proposal tries to combine eco-friendly activities (riding bicycles and recycling and selective collecting of materials) with educational activities, throughout we aim to improve local mindset and contribute to child education and youth to live in eco friendly community.

Project’s objectives are:

O1. Increasing social and professional integration possibilities for 4 volunteers, hosted within the project for a period of 10 months;

O2. Raising awareness for local community concerning the importance of  safety on Internet for a period of 16 months;

O3. Strengthening cooperation among EVS organisations involved and local relevant stakeholders, to integrate international volunteers in their program activities, during 16 months;

The project will host and coordinate 4 volunteers coming from Spain, FYROM, Italy and Turkey, interested on the project topics and willing to involve in intercultural learning experiences. We intend to select  also youngsters with fewer opportunities, related to economical, and/or social, obstacles.

In achieving our objectives we propose the following 6 activities related with project topics and aiming to promote the volunteering and youth interest in non-educational learning opportunities:

A1. Educational activities related to safety on Internet

A2. Developing educational resources related to safety on Internet

A3. Activities in collaboration with local NGO’s

A4. “Environmental Whistle – blower” Activities

A5. Door to door campaign related to safety on Internet

A6. Public Cafe Event concerning volunteering and public – private cooperation

All activities will have the support of non-formal methodology, emphasizing on learning outcomes reflection and acknowledgement of competences gained by the volunteers. Estimated project results will consist in: transferable competences developed by volunteers and an easy social and professional integration in future working frameworks, learning handouts about safety on Internet, unforgettable learning experiences for volunteers and target groups, establishing a topical community after the project lifetime.

As long term results we foresee a better collaboration between public sector and NGO environment in terms of volunteer’s involvement on issues related safety on Internet.

Más información: Digital Inteligence – Infopack




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